Cleantech Industry

Companies in the cleantech sector are at the forefront of the effort to fight global warming and are enjoying high growth rates. More and more companies from the renewable energy sector are looking to recruit employees to support their marketing, business development, operations and manufacturing needs worldwide and set up systems in various locations around the globe.

EER Global provides targeted and quality recruitment & headhunting solutions.

The market is one of high demand but there is an acute shortage of experts and talents, raising the pressure to find suitable candidates within a short time span.

At EER Global we understand the value of communicating with both sides throughout the recruitment process, to ensure that both employer and candidate make the right decision. It is important to convey to the candidate the strengths, corporate culture, and business potential of the position, as well as to communicate to the employer every aspect or question that comes up, to ensure mutual future satisfaction.

EER Global is based in key economic regions around the world. We manage databases of leading global talents have access to many professionals and can deliver quickly.

Among EER Global clients are global corporations from the tech industry, as well as start-ups and SMBs. They all share the need to grow globally, each in its field.

Our global team is ready to provide recruitment and head-hunting solutions to match your needs worldwide.