Executive Search

Having the right leadership in business contributes to increased employee performance and success. However, finding the best candidates to hold executive positions is challenging, considering that most of them are already placed in various organizations. The good news is that with the right headhunter like Expert Executive Recruiters (EER Global), you can find both active and passive candidates for different executive positions in your organization.

As experienced global placement headhunters, we have succeeded in helping global organizations find the right candidates. Our research team includes professionals with years of experience who go above and beyond to build a long list of relevant candidates to choose from. We also have built solid networks globally, thus making it easy for us to simplify your recruitment process by sourcing top talent regardless of your business location.

We understand that the candidate sourcing process is very delicate, so rest assured that we will handle your needs with caution. We listen, examine, and understand every client’s business needs and culture to easily find fit-for-purpose staff willing to work with you long-term. Our transparency makes us stand out even more since we communicate with our clients regarding all issues experienced in the recruitment process from start to finish.

Why you SHOULD work with us:

  • We have conducted thousands of searches over 15 years.
  • 50% of our business is with Israeli companies hiring globally. We understand Israeli business culture very well and have proven success in connecting non-Israeli candidates with the Israeli business culture.
  • We are a part of a network of 800 Global Executive Search Partners and Headhunters and through this we have access to a large database of Executives across the globe.
  • We are experts on hiring modalities, best practise, compensation and benefits, etc. in all the regions.
  • Our Recruitment Consultants all have a unique relationship with Israeli and also with significant markets such as USA, APAC, LATAM, and EMEA.
  • You will not find a more persistent Search Partner – our methods, beginning from market and candidate research to presenting the strongest candidates to you include a robust and reach out method developed by our firm that includes no less than six different touchpoints for each candidate. We just do not give up.
  • Our price model is attractive and reduces your risk.


Steps For EER Executive Search

We pride ourselves on applying unique methods when assisting our clients in executive searches. Our main goal is to ensure you remain satisfied by finding suitable candidates with the right skills and qualifications. Our dedicated team is also at your disposal to offer any advice that ensures you have a smooth recruitment process.

That being said, below are the 8-step methodology we apply in our executive searches as we consider our clients’ and candidates’ confidentiality.

1. Understanding Our Clients’ Needs

Once you contact us, the first thing we do is conduct our due diligence regarding your company. This is so that we can be familiar with its history, products and services, employer brand, etc. We will then schedule a meeting to understand your business leadership and strategy. Most importantly, we will learn your company’s culture, so it can be easier to source candidates that fit right into your business environment. If you prefer diversity and equity in the hiring process, we also consider them to ensure you remain highly reputable in the business world.

2. Establish Executive Search Priorities

With the information you will share with us, our team will establish executive search priorities. This includes understanding the key role and challenges attached to it. It is also crucial that we determine the skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities required to hold the open position. With EER, you get clear insights on all assumptions since our primary goal is to present ideas that will help you hire better candidates.

3. Creating an Executive Search Plan

At this stage, we will dive straight into the market to conduct our analysis to find key companies and sectors willing to research for executive talent. We then build solid relationships with senior executive staff in those sectors by considering their skills and qualifications. By creating solid relationships with various companies’ senior staff, we are also creating a list of prospects suitable for various roles. This way, our clients have excellent options to choose from.

4. Sourcing and Evaluating Prospects

Once we have our talent pool, the next step is approaching them and seeing if they are interested in pursuing other job opportunities. For more robust prospects, we persuade them to take up new roles so you can only have the best to work with. Note that before we send any candidate your way, we conduct interviews with prospects to ensure they have the right skills, knowledge, and experience.

5. Present Candidates For Interviews

Once we shortlist the most qualified candidates for your open position, we will present them to you for further interviews. The best element about working with EER is that we also assist you in making the best hiring decisions by noting our views regarding each candidate. However, you will make the final decision based on what’s suitable for your business.

6. Extending an Offer

Since we work closely with our clients, our team will be by your side until the final candidate is selected. Our search consultant will help you develop an offer that suits both parties and negotiate with the candidate the right package for employee benefits.

7. Complete the Executive Search

After you have done all background checks and have successfully hired a candidate, we will close our search, knowing that you are fully satisfied with the candidate. It’s always our pleasure working with clients globally, so be sure to contact us anytime if you need assistance sourcing top talent.

8. Follow Up

We do not cut off ties with our clients even when we no longer have an ongoing working relationship. After an executive search is closed, we follow up with the client and candidate to ensure everything is ok. As mentioned earlier, we are dedicated to satisfying our clients, which also applies to candidates.

Jessica Jones – Head of executive search department