Executive placements

Challenges in global Executive placements

Recruiting for senior and executive positions is a very delicate process, which must be handled with special care. The key to finding the perfect match is by paying attention to the smallest of details and nuances.

We look for executives and people in key positions who can successfully handle the tasks and challenges they might be faced with in their new workplace.

We are transparent regarding issues relating to culture gaps, remote communications, and remote management, from the beginning and discuss them during the recruitment process.

Solutions for global executive placements

EER Global specializes in the recruitment of senior executives, directors, and board members.

We conduct the souring process discreetly and proactively, while studying the specific requirements and attributes of the recruiting organization. This is key for us to both screen the right candidates and communicate details about the position clearly.

At EER Global we know how to find the best candidates for executive placements.

We work to identify and screen candidates based on all the important aspects, including but not limited to their professional capabilities, interpersonal skills, and their ability to integrate well within the global & cultural environment.

EER Global operates a worldwide infrastructure of sourcers and recruiters through a vast database of global executives, professionals, and talents.

Our expert team is very knowledgeable regarding the culture and work environment in various regions. As part of the process, we accompany both the candidate and the client in all the personal and professional aspects of the process.