Challenges in global Headhunting

The labor market has recently undergone tectonic changes. Competition over senior executives, managers at all levels, technology, professionals & talents has intensified, and , work patterns and employee preferences have changed dramatically as well.

Of course, it is possible to search for people by scanning the ones who are actively looking for a job, but this is not always the way to find the best candidate. It is very likely that the candidate you want is not on the market at all.

It is also important to note that the recruitment process is not only about identifying and finding candidates but rather must also involve smooth communication, to ensure that both candidate and employer wish to finalize the process.

Our Solutions

At EER Global we are well aware that sometimes the people who are not looking for a new position may be the best candidates – the talents that every organization is looking to hire. These people are open to new opportunities, and we know how to reach them and connect with them effectively.

EER Global has access to databases of professionals and talents in various countries. For each new position, our global sourcing team conducts thorough research and creates a database of potential candidates, whom we approach proactively

Ordinary recruitment processes tend to ignore these people, but we see their potential. This headhunting technique is the best way to reach people who are under the radar in the most effective way.

We will find the best candidates, approach them, and lead the recruitment process to successful completion.