In-House Recruiter

Challenges in global recruitments

In some cases, you may have several open positions in various disciplines and will want to manage your recruitment process internally.

You may also want to receive in-house recruitment services in cases where your organization needs to establish or expand its global activities in different challenging locations and in a short period of time.

This is where EER Global can provide you with a comprehensive bespoke solution.

In-house recruitment solutions

At EER Global we offer tailor-made in-house recruitment solutions.

The team allocated to you will have a clear understanding of your corporate culture and needs – key elements for successful placements.

The dedicated team can handle multiple job openings effectively by applying EER’s unique recruitment methodology and utilizing our global infrastructure.

Via our In-house recruitment service, you will gain access to our broad candidate database, ensuring a smooth and swift process and avoiding cost overruns.

In-house recruiter