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Our executive search solutions in Israel

Expert Executive Recruiters (EER Global) is your premier partner for executive search in Israel. With a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of the Israeli business landscape, we offer tailored solutions to meet the distinctive needs of companies operating within this vibrant market.

Specialized in the Israeli Business Environment

Our extensive experience with Israeli companies sets us apart. We recognize the subtleties of the local business culture and effectively match it with the global talent pool. This expertise ensures we find candidates who not only excel in their professional capacities but also seamlessly integrate into the Israeli work culture.

A Global Network for Local Needs

Although focused on Israel, our reach is global. We leverage our vast network of over 800 global executive search partners and headhunters, giving us access to a diverse and high-caliber pool of executive talent. This network enables us to bring world-class leadership to your local Israeli operations.

Customized Recruitment Strategy

Each organization has unique needs and challenges. We pride ourselves on crafting personalized recruitment strategies that align with your specific goals and requirements. Our approach involves a deep dive into your organization’s culture, objectives, and the nuances of the roles you need to fill, ensuring a perfect match between your company and the executive talent.

Dedicated Research and Persistence

Our research team, equipped with years of experience, is committed to exhaustive candidate searches. We employ a multi-touchpoint method in our candidate outreach, ensuring no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of the ideal candidate. Our persistence is unmatched, reflecting our dedication to your success.

Transparent and Collaborative Executive Search Process

Transparency is key in our process. We believe in maintaining open lines of communication, keeping you informed and involved throughout the recruitment journey. This collaborative approach allows for adjustments and refinements, ensuring the outcome aligns with your expectations.

Risk-Reduced Pricing Model

Understanding the importance of cost-effectiveness, our pricing model is designed to reduce your financial risk. We offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of our services, ensuring you receive the best value in your executive search.

Why create a global recruitment strategy?

Creating a global recruitment strategy is essential for businesses that operate in multiple countries or regions. Such a strategy can help a business find the best talent from around the world, while also ensuring that they are following applicable laws and regulations. 



  • 1. Helps to standardize the recruitment process across different locations and ensure that all candidates are subject to the same criteria and standards. This helps to ensure a level playing field, reduce bias, and ensure that the best talent is identified. It also helps to ensure that a business is compliant with applicable laws, such as anti-discrimination laws, and can demonstrate due diligence in their hiring practices.
  • 2. It enables businesses to attract talent from different cultures and backgrounds, which can help to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. This can lead to a range of benefits, such as improved engagement, higher productivity, and better customer service. 
  • 3. It can help ensure that a business is able to identify the right skills and qualifications for the roles they are seeking to fill. By having a standardized recruitment process, businesses can ensure that they are selecting the right candidates for the right roles. 

Why hire talents in Israel?

There are several reasons why companies may choose to hire talents in Israel:


  1. Technological Innovation: Israel is well-known for its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. The country has a thriving startup scene, particularly in the tech industry, and has produced a significant number of successful companies, such as Waze, Mobileye, and Viber. By hiring talent in Israel, companies can tap into this innovation ecosystem and benefit from the country’s expertise in areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


  1. Highly Skilled Workforce: Israel has a highly skilled and educated workforce, with a strong focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Israeli universities are world-renowned for their research and development, and the country boasts a high percentage of engineers and scientists per capita. This means that companies hiring talent in Israel can benefit from a pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals.


  1. Cultural Diversity: Israel is a melting pot of cultures, with a diverse population that includes Jews, Arabs, and immigrants from all over the world. This cultural diversity can be a valuable asset for companies looking to expand their global reach and understand different markets and consumer preferences.


  1. Pro-Business Environment: Israel has a pro-business environment, with a favorable tax system, strong government support for innovation and entrepreneurship, and a relatively low cost of living. These factors make it an attractive location for companies looking to set up operations or expand their existing operations.

How much does it cost to hire talent in Israel?

The cost of hiring talent in Israel can vary depending on several factors, including the industry, level of experience, location, and job function. According to data from the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, the average monthly wage in Israel in 2021 was approximately 11,900 NIS (New Israeli Shekel), which is equivalent to around $3,650 USD. However, this is just an average, and the actual cost of hiring talent in Israel can be higher or lower depending on various factors.


For highly skilled professionals in industries such as tech and engineering, salaries can be significantly higher. For example, a senior software engineer in Tel Aviv can earn upwards of 30,000 NIS ($8,200 USD) per month. 

Employee labor laws in Israel

Working Hours in Israel

In Israel, the standard workweek is Sunday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday being the weekend. The typical working hours are from 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning to 17:00 or 17:30 in the afternoon, with a one-hour lunch break around noon. However, these hours can vary depending on the industry and employer. Additionally, during the summer months, many companies operate on a shortened workweek, with Friday being a half-day or a full day off.

Minimum wage

As of September 2021, the hourly minimum wage in Israel is ₪29.12 (New Israeli Shekel). This applies to all employees, including full-time, part-time, and temporary workers. The monthly minimum wage for a full-time employee working 186 hours per month is ₪5,479.92.

General taxation

Type of Tax
Income Tax
Progressive rates up to 50%
Levied on income earned by individuals and corporations.
National insurance
Progressive rates up to 12%
Levied on income earned by employees and self-employed individuals to fund social security programs.
Health tax
Progressive rates up to 5%
Levied on income earned by individuals and employers to fund the national healthcare system.

Hire the best talent in Israel with ​EER Global

EER Global offers a thorough, personalized, and expert approach to sourcing top talent for your organization. By carefully evaluating and pinpointing the ideal candidate for your specific role, they can spare you the time and resources that would otherwise be wasted on hiring the wrong person. 


Leveraging their industry expertise and extensive network, they are adept at identifying the most outstanding candidates in the job market, enabling you to promptly and effectively fill your positions. Moreover, they can provide valuable insights and guidance on the recruitment process, empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your business objectives. If you are seeking to recruit in Israel, do not hesitate to reach out to EER Global’s dedicated team of professionals for further details.


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