Our Team

Our Team

Miri is co-managing director and owner at Expert Executive Recruiters.

First and foremost, Miri loves her job – connecting people and companies is her aspiration.

Miri has a Masters Degree in Organizational Sociology and over 20 years of experience in HR and recruitment in different companies all over the globe.

Miri's experience includes working as a consultant in a global management consultancy company. This experience gave her the tools to enter new organizations and quickly understand their operations. Miri spent nearly 10 years in London, UK, and considers it her second home.

Miri also teaches Human Resources and recruitment studies at two private Universities and participates as a speaker in various HR and recruitment conferences around the world.

Miri is a mother to twins so multi-tasking is her middle name and her motto in life is, "Smile to the world and it will smile back."

Miri Gal Bort

CO Managing Director and Owner

Oded is co-managing director and owner at Expert Executive Recruiters.

Oded is a qualified CPA. He lived in the US for 10 years and was a CFO of a public global consulting firm.

Oded founded EER Global back in 2007 with a clear goal in mind, to provide the best executive search service and meet the specific needs of clients in any country of origin.

Oded has a passion for Puzzles. When he successfully matches between a candidate and a client, he gets a rewarding feeling as if he completed a complexed puzzle.

Oded likes to strategize and plan and is an expert sourcer.

Oded is a father to 3 boys, two of which are twins.

Oded Rozenblum

CO Managing Director and Owner

Jessica studied Literature and Philosophy as a primary Degree, then went on to study Photography and Communications and worked in that field for some years in Ireland, Canada, and Germany. She worked in publishing and also as a photographer with her own studio and as a photography teacher.  In 2013 she undertook a Master's Degree in Digital Studies - a humanities focussed MA on digital artefacts and the effects of these on culture.

She then completed 2 years of a PhD but for various reasons decided that, much as she loves academia, a better direction for her was to consolidate her experience and work to her strengths - wide curiosity, an ability to do good research, a strong interest in working with people in a direct way, a good business sensibility, and great emotional intelligence.

Jessica is currently Global Key Account Director with EER Global, managing a team of Recruiters / Talent Hunters, and assisting clients in finding the best talent across a broad number of industries and geographic markets.

Jessica's interests include travel, psychology, literature, film, and dance.

Jessica Jones

Global Key Account Director

As a Global Sourcing Head Himanshu leads a large team of Sourcers.

Himanshu’s responsibilities include Mentoring, training and helping the team achieve their targets. Providing qualified candidates as per client’s requirements and helping recruiters to reach out to candidates in different ways.

To be successful in this capacity, one must be very detail oriented, data driven, widely knowledgeable about industries, titles, and markets,and a whizz at Boolean Search.

In his spare time, Himanshu loves to travel. He likes to visit different places and speak to people learn about their experiences.  One of his favorite things to do is to cook. he loves learning new recipes and cooking them for his family.

Himanshu Taneja

Head of Global Sourcing

Julia has worked as a Headhunter, Senior Recruiter and Operations Manager in the Recruitment Industry since 2007. She is passionate about inspiring individuals to maximize their own potential while helping organizations transform hiring challenges into practical solutions which deliver tangible results. As part of her third level education, Julia studied at Berlin’s Humboldt and Free Universities where she earned a Bachelor in Law and Legal Studies, as well as a Bachelor and Masters in International Studies.

As a life-long learner, Julia has completed a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching with the Irish Coaching Institute (2013) and she is currently enrolled in a Bachelor Degree Programme and will be studying towards a degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling. As an appointed Director Consultant & Business Mentor with BNI (Business Network International), Julia supports Irish entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals.

Born in rural East Germany, Julia has lived in both Berlin and Chicago, and has been based in Ireland since 2007. In her spare time, she plays her cello with the Cork Concert Orchestra, and sings in the renowned Fleischmann Choir. Julia also plays competitive Tennis, and she enjoys travelling, cooking, exercise, nature, culture and the arts. Her motto: "Do everything the way you would do anything."

Julia Foerster

Senior Recruiter & Headhunter

Ksenia Joined EER in 2019, leading the HR practice. She has 13 years of combined experience in recruitment and executive search, including 6 years in international projects and companies and 7 years expertise Hi-Tech, R&D, Market niches: Hi-Tech (SW, HW), FinTech, Banking, Industry, Retail & FMCG.

Ksenia is an expert in professional recruitment, direct and executive searches within different levels of positions, starting with specialists, and team leaders and up to Managerial, CxO and Board of Directors roles; unique executive search projects.

Ksenia has a Masters Degree in Sociology (thesis: Methodology and Methods of Candidate Search and Evaluation).

Ksenia has lived and worked - in Russia, Singapore and Israel.

She raises a son, is keen on cultural history and traveling, especially exploring historical sights.

Ksenia loves extreme sports (diving, slaloming) and also enjoys life.

Her dream - happiness, continuous development and fun!

Ksenia Bussen

Senior Recruiter & Headhunter

Monika is a Senior Talent Hunter and joined EER Global in 2017.
Monika studied Applied Statistics in Lithuania, worked in that field for some time and moved to Ireland 15 years ago. She then completed her BA in Business and Hospitality and worked nearly ten years in that field. She enjoys meeting new people and assisting them in their travel needs. In 2015 she graduated in MSc Asset Management and worked in the Money Transfer industry as a Personal Assistant.
In Headhunting with EER Global, she has found the perfect place to combine many of her skills and loves: organization, management, business intelligence, and people skills. Monika is very professional, polite and articulate and these characteristics are why our clients love her.

Monika is passionate about cooking and also loves travelling the world.

Monika Brazyte

Senior Recruiter & Headhunter

Judy Horn Goldgrab is an Executive Recruiter at EER Global. She began her career in the non-profit sector in 2006, she transitioned into recruiting within the non-profit sector, partnering with health care, educational institutions and cultural organizations to help them identify highly skilled executives to further their wonderful work and advance their mission.
In 2010, Judy joined EER Global and today, she take great pleasure in connecting accomplished professionals to companies where they will have an impact. I position top performers in roles where they can be effective in startups and growth stage companies.
An English literature major at heart, Judy loves reading and sharing stories, especially stories about corporate innovation in the marketplace. She enjoys traveling, learning about and exploring interesting corners of the world together with her family.

Judy Horn Goldgrab

Senior Recruiter & Headhunter

Rachel joined EER in 2019 and is currently a Senior Recruiter/Headhunter.

Rachel began her career at a Pharmaceutical Benefit Management company where she worked as an Account Manager for 14 years.

During this time she became an expert at client management and relationship building.

Rachel’s goal as a recruiter is to find and place top-notch candidates, while at the same time building long lasting beneficial relationships with both the candidates and the clients.

Rachel finds the most rewarding part of her job is when a candidate excitedly says, “YES” to a job offer and the client is enthusiastically thrilled they have found their “SUPERSTAR”.

Rachel is a dog lover at heart and enjoys spending time with her two Weimaraner's. Oh, and of course her human family as well! 

Rachel Williams

Senior Recruiter & Headhunter

PJ brings years of business experience in sales, business development, & business leadership in both the US and Israel. Along with his business acumen, he also has led organizations in international non-profit environments.

PJ has been with EER Global for 6 years as Head Hunter and Senior Recruiter, working globally to place executive level positions, sales and business professionals, as well as technical roles. He is a people person who finds a good match for his skills in global recruiting.

With a BS in Music Performance, PJ's is also an accomplished trumpet player in Jazz, Salsa and Classical music.

PJ Rhodes

Senior Recruiter & Headhunter