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Our executive search solutions in Poland

EER Global offers unparalleled executive search solutions in Poland, distinguished by our commitment to excellence, tailored approaches, and deep market insights. Here’s why companies should partner with us for their leadership recruitment needs:


  • Extensive Local Network: Benefit from our extensive network and deep connections within the Polish business community, enabling us to access top-tier talent efficiently.

  • Specialized Expertise: Our team possesses specialized expertise in the Polish market, understanding its unique dynamics, industry trends, and cultural nuances to deliver tailored executive search solutions.

  • Proven Track Record: With a track record of successful placements and satisfied clients in Poland, we demonstrate our ability to consistently identify and recruit top-tier executives who align with our clients’ requirements and objectives.

  • Global Resources, Local Focus: While leveraging our global resources and methodologies, we maintain a local focus in Poland, ensuring that our executive search solutions are aligned with the specific needs and preferences of Polish companies.

  • Customized Approach: We understand that each client and search assignment is unique. Therefore, we offer a customized approach, tailoring our executive search solutions to the specific requirements, culture, and goals of each client organization operating in Poland.

  • Comprehensive Candidate Assessment: Our rigorous candidate assessment process goes beyond qualifications and experience, evaluating candidates based on cultural fit, leadership potential, and alignment with our clients’ organizational values and goals.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: By utilizing our efficient search process, extensive network, and proactive approach, we help companies in Poland save time and resources in their executive search efforts, ensuring a swift and cost-effective recruitment process.

  • Long-term Partnership: We prioritize building long-term partnerships with our clients in Poland, serving as trusted advisors and collaborators in their talent acquisition and organizational growth strategies.

  • Commitment to Excellence: EER Global is committed to excellence in all aspects of our executive search solutions in Poland, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and quality throughout the recruitment process.

Why create a global recruitment strategy?

Creating a global recruitment strategy is essential for businesses that operate in multiple countries or regions. Such a strategy can help a business find the best talent from around the world, while also ensuring that they are following applicable laws and regulations. 


  • 1. Helps to standardize the recruitment process across different locations and ensure that all candidates are subject to the same criteria and standards. This helps to ensure a level playing field, reduce bias, and ensure that the best talent is identified. It also helps to ensure that a business is compliant with applicable laws, such as anti-discrimination laws, and can demonstrate due diligence in their hiring practices.
  • 2. It enables businesses to attract talent from different cultures and backgrounds, which can help to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. This can lead to a range of benefits, such as improved engagement, higher productivity, and better customer service. 
  • 3. It can help ensure that a business is able to identify the right skills and qualifications for the roles they are seeking to fill. By having a standardized recruitment process, businesses can ensure that they are selecting the right candidates for the right roles. 

Why hire talents in Poland?

There are several reasons why a company might want to hire talent in Poland:


  1. Skilled workforce: Poland has a highly skilled and educated workforce, particularly in industries such as IT, engineering, and finance. Many Polish workers have degrees in technical fields and are fluent in multiple languages, making them attractive candidates for companies with global operations.
  1. Cost-effectiveness: Labor costs in Poland are relatively low compared to other European countries, while the quality of work is still high. This can make it an attractive location for businesses looking to reduce costs while maintaining a skilled workforce.
  1. Central location: Poland is located in the center of Europe, making it an ideal location for companies with operations across the continent. Its transportation infrastructure is well-developed, with multiple airports, seaports, and highways, making it easy to travel and ship goods across Europe.
  1. Government incentives: The Polish government offers a range of incentives to encourage foreign investment and business development, including tax breaks, grants, and subsidized training programs.
  1. Cultural fit: Poland has a strong work ethic and a culture that values hard work, loyalty, and dedication. Many Polish workers are also familiar with Western business practices, which can make it easier for companies to integrate them into their operations.

How much does it cost to hire talent in Poland?

The cost of hiring talent in Poland can vary depending on several factors, such as the industry, the job position, the level of experience required, and the location of the company. However, in general, labor costs in Poland are relatively low compared to other European countries.


According to data from the Polish Central Statistical Office, the average gross monthly salary in Poland in 2021 was around PLN 5,431 (approximately USD 1,386). However, salaries can vary widely depending on the industry and job position. For example, in the IT sector, the average salary can be much higher, ranging from PLN 8,000 to PLN 20,000 (approximately USD 2,045 to USD 5,112) per month depending on the level of experience and skills.

Employee labor laws in Poland

Working Hours in Poland

In Poland, the standard working hours are 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week, according to the Labour Code. However, there are some exceptions, particularly for certain industries, such as healthcare, transportation, and hospitality, where longer working hours may be required due to the nature of the job.


The maximum working hours per week, including overtime, cannot exceed an average of 48 hours over a period of four months, or 60 hours per week in exceptional circumstances. Employers must also provide at least one day off per week, usually Sunday, and ensure that employees have at least 11 hours of rest between shifts.

Minimum wage

The minimum wage in Poland is set by the government and is adjusted annually based on the country’s economic situation. As of January 2022, the gross minimum wage in Poland is PLN 3,000 per month (approximately USD 764), or PLN 18.30 per hour (approximately USD 4.67).

General taxation

Income Level
Tax Rate
Up to PLN 85,528 (approx. USD 21,844)
Above PLN 85,528 (approx. USD 21,844)

Hire the best talent in Poland with ​EER Global

EER Global offers a thorough, personalized, and expert approach to sourcing top talent for your organization. By carefully evaluating and pinpointing the ideal candidate for your specific role, they can spare you the time and resources that would otherwise be wasted on hiring the wrong person. 


Leveraging their industry expertise and extensive network, they are adept at identifying the most outstanding candidates in the job market, enabling you to promptly and effectively fill your positions. Moreover, they can provide valuable insights and guidance on the recruitment process, empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your business objectives. If you are seeking to recruit in Poland, do not hesitate to reach out to EER Global’s dedicated team of professionals for further details.


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