Sectors we provide services in


Filling a vacant position when you are pressed for time is always a challenge for companies in any sector. Typically, you will not have adequate time to screen the available candidates so that you can make an excellent choice to move your company forward. Choosing to hire anyone who is available would be a mistake which could cost your company in the long run, and lead to a repeat of the recruitment process. It would be best to get it right the first time by choosing Expert Executive Recruiters to help you fill a vacant position.

We understand the demands of retail, particularly in finding an excellent candidate who can easily adapt to a changing environment with a drive for excellence. Our recruitment process enables us to screen and select suitable candidates who can quickly fill your vacant position and immediately begin to deliver results.

We are able to help you fill a host of high-demand positions including:

  • Marketers

  • Personal Relations Officers

  • Designers

  • Wholesalers

  • Distributors

  • Technicians

  • Buyers

  • Merchandisers

  • Producers

  • Human Resources Managers

  • IT Experts

  • Operations Managers

  • General Managers

To make sure that you get only the best quality candidates, our recruitment methodologies will match skill levels, talent, education and personality with every retail vacancy. When it comes to meeting the needs of our clients, we do not compromise in sourcing quality staff. You are assured that we conduct intensive interviews with an aim to capture every little detail about every candidate just to be sure that we have picked out the best for you.

Expert Executive Recruiters is an organization that is solution oriented and easy to work with. We are highly professional and source professionals, as that is what we believe our clients deserve.