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Why create a global recruitment strategy?

Creating a global recruitment strategy is essential for organizations that want to attract and retain the best talent from around the world. Here are some key reasons why:

1. Access to a larger talent pool: By casting a wider net and looking beyond local talent, organizations can tap into a larger, more diverse pool of candidates with a wider range of skills, experiences, and perspectives.

2. Cost savings: Hiring local talent may be less expensive in the short term, but in the long run, it can limit a company’s ability to scale globally. By creating a global recruitment strategy, companies can identify and leverage cost-effective hiring practices across different regions, which can help to reduce overall recruitment costs.

3. Better alignment with business goals: A global recruitment strategy can help ensure that hiring decisions are aligned with the company’s overall business strategy and objectives. By taking a more holistic approach to recruitment, organizations can ensure that they are hiring candidates with the skills, experience, and cultural fit that will help drive their business forward.

4. Improved employer branding: By positioning themselves as a global employer of choice, organizations can attract top talent and differentiate themselves from competitors. A strong employer brand can also help to reduce recruitment costs and improve employee retention rates.

Why hire talents in Thailand?

There are several reasons why you might consider hiring talent in Thailand:


  1. Skilled workforce: Thailand has a skilled and educated workforce with expertise in various industries, including manufacturing, tourism, and services.


  1. Competitive labor costs: Compared to many other countries in the region, labor costs in Thailand are relatively low, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to reduce their overhead expenses.


  1. Business-friendly environment: Thailand has a business-friendly environment, with a well-developed infrastructure, low taxes, and incentives for foreign investors.


  1. Strategic location: Thailand is located in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it a gateway to the region’s markets and a strategic location for businesses looking to expand their operations.


  1. Cultural diversity: Thailand is a culturally diverse country with a mix of Western and Eastern influences, which can be an advantage for businesses that want to tap into different markets and reach a diverse customer base.

How much does it cost to hire talent in Thailand?

The cost of hiring talent in Thailand can vary depending on the industry, job level, and experience of the candidate. Generally, salaries in Thailand are lower compared to developed countries, but it’s important to consider the cost of living in the country as well. According to Payscale, the average salary in Thailand is around ฿483,049 per year (as of March 2023).

Employee labor laws in Thailand

Working Hours in Thailand

In Thailand, the typical working hours are 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week, with one day off per week. However, specific working hours may vary depending on the company and industry. Some companies may require their employees to work longer hours or have a different schedule, such as a 4-day workweek. It’s also worth noting that overtime work may be required in certain situations and is usually compensated accordingly.

Minimum wage

The minimum wage in Thailand varies depending on the region and province. As of April 1, 2021, the minimum wage rates range from 313 baht to 336 baht per day, depending on the region. Some provinces may have higher minimum wage rates set by the local government.

General taxation

Taxable Income Range (THB)
Tax Rate
150,001 - 300,000
300,001 - 500,000
500,001 - 750,000
750,001 - 1,000,000

Hire the best talent in Thailand with ​EER Global

EER Global adopts a thorough and personalized approach to sourcing top talent for your organization. They carefully evaluate and pinpoint the ideal candidate for your specific role, which can save you time and resources that would have otherwise been wasted on hiring the wrong person. 


Leveraging their industry expertise and extensive network, they are adept at identifying the most outstanding candidates in the job market, enabling you to promptly and effectively fill your positions. Moreover, they can provide valuable insights and guidance on the recruitment process, empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your business objectives. If you are seeking to recruit in Thailand, do not hesitate to reach out to EER Global’s dedicated team of professionals for further details.


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