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Our Story:

It all began in London and New York… two of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Expert Executive Recruiters was established in 2008 by the two Co-Founders Miri Gal Bort and Oded Rozenblum. Both Miri and Oded started their journey together after successful careers in London and New York with backgrounds in global management consultancy firms and finance.

Through careful observation and intense research, we have created the best formula for hiring and retaining the right staff for organizations.


Over the years we have collaborated with many established companies all over the globe in a variety of industries and Expert Executive Recruiters caters the needs of customers from all over the globe, helping businesses hire smart, hardworking, talented and proactive employees.


Our success is attributed to our simple motto – invest in what matters – people.


What makes Expert Executive Recruiters different is the efficiency of our hiring process.


We have a unique methodology for gathering the talent pool that we need.

Our nationwide operations are an assurance to our clients that we will not lack the qualified people to hire.

We use proven recruiting methods with a focus on clients' needs, their competitors and vertical industry peers. Expert Executive Recruiters can uncover the passive candidates that are most desirable in today’s job market.


For any type of business to succeed, it is essential that you hire qualified people. Whether you are a small, medium or large-scale entrepreneur – it is only through an effective hiring process that you can ensure the success of your company’s day to day operations.

Employee retention is an especially critical issue if you are in a highly competitive industry, as the demand for qualified individuals is extremely high.


What makes us unique?

We use a non-traditional method of attracting possible candidates. This process helps to eliminate less attractive candidates. It is then possible to sort through the final set of candidates to determine the best candidate.


We work closely with your organization to hire the best pool of talent.

We attract and present  prospective employees and go a step further to help you keep them on board.

We continue to maintain an ongoing long-term relationship with clients, colleagues and candidates.

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